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Weekend Sci-Tech School

A Wooden Boat in Water will Float

But a needle will Sink!Why does this happen? Let me Think.....

An Iron ship will also float,

though its' much heavier than my boat!

But a Needle, light as leaf

thin as a pin, will sink right in!

Why does this happen?  Let me think......

-Shishir Shobhan Ashthana 



Weekend SciTech School is the platform for children to explore their science and technology interests and experiment with their ideas.

From Kitchen Science to Robotics,

from making spectroscope to Exploring Jupiter's Moons in the Night Sky,

from  parachute making to exploring their aerospace interest,

from making their own rheostat to regulate the current to generating electricity through orange... scholar minds children get the opportunity to fuel their enthusiasm with ample resources being made available to them within monitored environment.

Weekend Sci-Tech School offers the series of workshops focusing on Science and Technology concepts and tries to bridge the Gap between Text Book L earnings & the  Real Life Applications.

The Main aim of Weekend Sci-Tech School is to promote awareness of Scope, Opportunities & Proper utilization of  Science and technology inventions & innovations keeping in mind the well-being of all living beings on Mother Earth.

Starting from April 14th 2015, Weekend Sci Tech School will conduct Summer workshops based on SCi-Tech Curriculum

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