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Mrs Sheetal Bhalerao 

(Scholastic Aptitude, Mathematical Aptitude, Educounselling)

Alumni- VJTI-Mumbai, IIM Bangalore, Founder of & co-founder of ScholarMinds Edutech,  Sheetal brings in the Innovative Training ideas, Out of the box thinking style and Exciting Learning programs which are assured to bring transformational improvement in Students performance and has fetched the wonderful surprising results in Past- Let it Be IMO, NSO or CBSE/ICSE examinations.

 Mr Sundar D Konda 

(Physics, Chemistry & Scholastic Aptitude & Sci tech Workshops)

Alumni-IIT Kharagpur, the Senior most in the team,with 30+ years experience in helping young minds achieve their aspirations , Mr Sundar makes the training sessions elaborate and impressive by adding the essence of his  vast exposure and related technology applications to The routine Text Book Theorems, thus making it interesting to students. 

Mr Ashish G

(Physics, Mathematical Aptitude, Qauntititive Aptitude, Technology Workshops)

Alumni, REC-Murthal & XLRI-Jamshedpur- Ashish is rightly knows as PHYSICS MASTERMIND among his students. He mentors students ranging from Engineering to Science & technology and brings in all his expertise and practical knowledge to the handy use of his students. The only aid he requires and most admired is his Knowledge base and Quick and indepth evaluation skills for otherwise tougher problems in physics.

Mr Bhaskar S 

(Mathematics & comprehensive Fundamental curriculum)

Alumni-IIT-Kharagpur, His Six years of training  Experience at Mathsmastermind, has made him the Preferred Master of Mathematics at ScholarMinds. His persistence and researching experience with natural Zeal to expose students to varied Questioning styles takes halt only at the test evaluations.

 Mrs Chitra Devige

(Science Workshops, Scholastic Aptitude, Mind Mapping, Mnemonics)

A  B tech-information Technology Graduate from PSNA, Tamilnadu- Chitra is young, dynamic and enthusiastic individual passionate to work with young minds. She also carries 3 years experience in dealing with young minds. An intensive training at ScholarMinds has turned  her into Marvelous Instructor, who knows how to mould her  students into  creative learner.  She is involved in conducting hands on experiments in Science and see to that the practical applications beyond text book theory is perceived by students and their way of self exploration is hassle free. 

Mr G Mandal

(Physics and Mathematics Fundamentals)

A post Graduate in Physics and with 30 years experience with ISRO, in Science and Technology applications mainly in the field of Atomic Physics has brought in natural flair in him to see science as a crystal clear Subject to understand and teach. His enormous problem solving skills become very handy while dealing with otherwise complicated looking Mathematical problems and the solutions come is systematic and easily adaptable flow.Mr Mandal makes Mathematics and Physics learning a simpler task.

 Mrs Akshata Shah

(Mathematics & Science)

A post graduade in Science(MSc-Mathematics) and persuing her doctorate, Mrs Akshata's skill lies in her ability to get down to students levels quickly and help them open up their minds. Akshata teaches Mathematics and Olympiad curriculum to younger students.