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2015-16 Olympiad Results

We take Humble Pride in Announcing The Unmatched National Science and International Mathematics Olympiad-2015 Level 1 Results

Average 1 out of 2 students writing Olympiad, qualifies for the Next Level...Consistently ! Thus making Serial Olympiad Winners is a Habitof ScholarMinds!

Results of IMO 2015

Total number of students who Wrote IMO 2015= 31      Number of Students who Qualified for Level 2= 15

Number Of students who Won Gold Medal= 6    Number Of Students who won Silver Medal=2  Number Of Students who won Bronze Medal=2


Results for NSO 2015: 

Total number of students who Wrote NSO 2016= 28  Number of Students who Qualified for Level 2= 14

Number Of students who Won Gold Medal= 5  Number Of Students who won Silver Medal=3

Number Of Students who won Bronze Medal=2 

Olympiad-2015 Results


Scholar Minds Programs are delivered in 4 systematically planned modules, ensuring each module opens up a new dimension to Accelerated learning !

Module 1 & 2 Coverage:

CBSE/ICSE & Fundamentals

Comprehensive Mathsmastermind & Euphoric Science Curriculum:

Students at Scholarminds do not merely study from examination point of view. The Learning imparted here is aimed building strong foundation and conceptual clarity of subjects. The comprehensive coverage included the in-depth CBSE/ICSE curriculum with extended curriculum of Mathematics & Science Olympiad.

​Faculty takes an extra effort to equip students with easy memorizing techniques that help student master otherwise complicated sequences in science and Mathematics formulae using interesting methods. The Mathsmastermind Curriculum covers a wide range of applications in each topis.Euphoric Science curriculum in aimed to make children more inquisitive. The personal involvement in student and understanding his strength and weakness by faculty helps them to guide each student better in setting their individual goals.

Lab Sessions:

Unlike any other institutions, ScholarMinds firmly believe that the practical exposure to Lab experiments to understand fundamental laws of science ensure that the learning is forever. Students have been given exposure to Hands on practical, covering all major conceptual topics in Science. Lab Sessions are integrated part of Module 1 & 2.

There is no better measurable output of lab sessions than the confidence and pride that a Scholarmind student will compete far ahead in the group, when it comes to putting knowledge to application, let it be identifying and mixing chemicals in right quantity or making electrical series connection work.


Module 3:

Olympiad/NTSE Preparation:

The preparation modules  continues after fundamental sessions. So far Students cover vast Questions through Q and A and Mock tests for National Science & Mathematics Olympiad. The variety of questions being asked in different format, covering each topic in Mathematics & Science along with Real Time Olympiad tests help students to take away exam fear. In facts students look forward to write real Olympiad exams.

Explorer Club:

Explorer Club is formed after optimum curriculum coveragein module 1& 2. The aim of the Explorer club is to offer wings to student’s imaginations and inquisitiveness.

​​​Students are encouraged to think deep within and dig their questions until they seek answers to the quest. Not limiting to any specific book or exam will help students to freely roam in their Quest World. They will be offered the guidance and resources to seek answers to their own questions.


Further they will be guided to present their explorations to the audience. The feedback on their presentation will be shared with them will all necessary and valuable inputs to make them greater explorers. 

Sci tech Exploration Visit:

In 2015, Scholarminds visited  IMTEX (International Machine Tool Exhibition)  & PES-Sci Fest. At IMTEX, students amazed to see in reality hundreds of machines and Robots working in Sync with each other to display technological wonders by world’s most creative engineers. At PES-Sci Fest they came across the young innovators of their age- the selected students for different school who displayed their Sci-Tech projects. Students also got to listen to Mr Narayan Murthy talking about his thoughts and answering to Young Students on Technology’s Future ahead.


Module 4

Advance Modules:

Students in module 4  are  divided in 2 groups based on their capability & academic goals.

1.The Students who have fairly covered and mastered the Curriculum in earlier 3 modules, will be put in advance Modules. Advance Modules will comprise of deeper Subject & Related question bank with wider coverage. The Olympiad 2nd Level Curriculum will be included here.

2. The students who need more time and not ready for vigorous curriculum, will be put in revision session, where complete revision will be done of all the relevant topics in school.

To understand the accelerated learning in upcoming modules, kindly visit the Scholar Minds office and be updated with the Curriculum and Batch changes as per schedule intimated to you.

The respective Faculty and Management’s Decision will be final for the Advance Modules.